Whether you are going on a weekend break or several weeks on a beach holiday to Asia, you can with big benefit download these 13 travel apps before or during your trip.

With the following 13 travel apps on the phone, you will save time and money on both data, experiences, accommodations and much more.

1. Momondo – Best flight search engine #1

Of course we start with the airline tickets, as it’s usually the thing we buy first. Momondo is selected as one of the world’s best flight search engines.


At Momondo you are sure to find the best fares on airline tickets.

You can search anything from international flights or domestic in the countries you may be in, and you can sort for times, stopovers, airlines, etc.

Momondo‘s price calendar gives you a quick overview of which weekdays it is cheapest to fly on – there can be a lot of money to save if you are flexible on dates.

Download the app here: Iphone | Android

2. Skyscanner – Best Flight Search Engine #2

At Skyscanner you can quickly and easily book flights, cars and hotels. As Momondo, Skyscanner is also one of the world’s best flight search engines.


Basically, you can do the same at Skyscanner as at Momondo – but their price agent, who notifies you when prices change, seems to work a bit better than Momondos.

Download the app here: iPhone | Android

3. Hotel Tonight – find last minute accommodation

When you arrive at the last minute without booking accommodation, you can find overnight stays at Hotels Tonight at really good prices.

Hotel-Tonight-app Hotel-Tonight-app Hotel-Tonight-app

On Hotels Tonight you can search hotels near your location to suit both budget and needs.

You can also read other users’ reviews of the hotel before you decide, and once you have registered as a user and registered your credit card, it only takes ten seconds to book your next night.

The app also provides recommendations for local attractions and dining.

Download the app here: iPhone | Android

4. Google Translate – help with the language

With the mobile version of Google Translate, you can easily translate while on the go, where 52 languages are available offline.

Google-Translate-appGoogle-Translate-app Google-Translate-app

You can translate words and entire sentences by either drawing on the screen, typing, using the camera or using the microphone.

The picture function is really smart for eg. to translate menu cards and road signs, and it can be done in up to 37 different languages.

With the microphone you have the opportunity to communicate and converse with people you meet on your way.

Download the app here: iPhone | Android

5. Currency Converter – Precise conversions

For many, it is almost impossible to calculate correctly and accurately, therefore a good currency converter can make a difference.

Valotaomregner-appValotaomregner-app Valotaomregner-app

With XE Currency, you’re sure to find the right price, no matter what currency you want to convert to.

On your app, you choose which currencies you want to have, and you can easily add or delete currencies continuously.

You can either find the local currency by using the location feature or by choosing between the app’s 170 different currencies – the app can be used offline.

Download the app here: iPhone | Android

6. Free wifi finder – save on mobile data

Avoid expensive phone bills after a holiday abroad that isen’t covered by your mobile company.

Free-wifi-finder-appFree-wifi-finder-app Free-wifi-finder-app

With the Free Wifi Finder you can quickly find information and directions to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot in more than 50 countries, and through location or manual search.

When you download the app, the Wi-Fi locations are stored locally on your device, which means you can find the closest wifi hotspots offline.

Unfortunately, this travel app doesn’t work for Android, but alternatively you can use the “Wifi Finder”.

Download the app here: iPhone | WiFi Finder til Android

7. Get Your Guide – book unique experiences

It has never been easier, faster and often cheaper to book all kinds of experiences.

With the GetYourGuide app you can, from home and / or at the destination, secure tickets for everything from hop on / hop of buses & skip the line tickets, to food courses & several days of guided tours.

The selection is LARGE and covers most of the world, and the prices of experiences fit any wallet.

Download the app here: iPhone | Android

8. Timeout – Discover your destination

If you want to experience the city as the locals do and if you are tired of the most touristy attractions, then TimeOut is the right app.

Timeout-appTimeout-app Timeout-app

TimeOut covers the vast majority of cities in the world, and is known for always offering inspiration for local and current events.

With TimeOut you can find information about what is happening right here and now in the city you are in.

You can find the local bars’ opening hours, buy tickets for concerts and exhibitions, and book tables at recommended restaurants.

To get suggestions for what interests you, you can set the app to reflect your interests.

Download the app here: iPhone | Android

9. Citymaps2go – helps you to find your way around

With Citymaps2go, you’re done getting lost in a foreign city and have to turn on your mobile data to find back at the hotel.

Citymaps2go-appCitymaps2go-app Citymaps2go-app

On the App, you can find and download city maps that can be used offline.

Besides offline maps, you can use the app to find inspiration in the many guides to your destination.

Here you will find recommendations for restaurants, bars, sights, viewpoints and more.

For each site you get detailed information about opening hours, websites, wifi accessibility, price levels etc.

Download the app here: iPhone | Android

10. Open Table – good food experiences

Open Table is the travel companion for those who do not eat to live but who live to eat.

With this app, the best possible food experiences are gathered in one place from restaurants worldwide.

Open-table-appOpen-table-app Open-table-app

You can sort the restaurants by dress code, price level, location and distance.

As a user of the app, you can easily find and reserve a table and change or cancel your reservations, no matter where you are, if you are prevented from coming.

In addition, you earn points each time you make a reservation, and receive special offers and discounts on unique dining experiences.

Download the app here: Iphone | Android

11. WhatsApp – Stay in touch


WhatsApp is a wonderful message service.

The app uses very little data and is therefore good at sending messages while you are abroad.

It works pretty much like Messenger, where you create an account, and then add your contacts.

You can call, video chat, send messages, pictures and files completely as with msn and plain SMS.

Download the app here: Iphone | Android

12. App In The Air – when things need to be in order


App in the air keeps track of your travel plans, your boarding passes and if you have frequent-flight memberships (and of course you have).

You enter any number of flights you are going on and the app can then track when it’s boarding time, when the plane lands, how long time check-in and security takes etc.

An indispensable app for everything related to airport.

Download the app here: iPhone | Android

13. LoungeBuddy – make use of lounges without membership

There is nothing more deadly than long waiting times at an airport, so why not make the most of it.


With LoungeBuddy, everyone can access lounges at the various airports – without membership, status or that you fly in business class.

Once you have signed up for the app, LoungeBuddy will tell you which lounges you can use for free or which lounges you can use for a one-time payment.

You can buy lounge access in an instant and prices start from approx. $ 25.

If you buy entrance, you can enjoy amenities such as free wireless network, TV, snacks and drinks, comfortable seating and in some lounges there is even the possibility of a bath.

Unfortunately, LoungeBuddy is only available for iPhone, but an alternative to Androids could be “Lounge Me”

Download the app here: iPhone | Lounge Me til Android

If you can recommend other good travel apps, please write them in the comment below.

We will continuously update the list so that we constantly get the best travel apps on it.