Airport transfers to New York City

There are several options for transportation from the airport to New York City – here you get an overview …

Airport transfers to New York

There are several options for airport transfers to New York City. The difference between transport options is partly how convenient it must be, the price and the time it takes to get into the city.

The options you have to choose from are as follows:

  1. Train & subway
  2. Shuttle Bus
  3. Shared Shuttle bus
  4. Yellow Taxi
  5. Limousine

Below you can read about each of the transport options, what they cost and how long it takes.

 1. By train (Airtrain) & Subway to NYC – The cheapest

The cheapest way to get from the airport and into downtown New York is with the Airtrain and Subway.


From the moment you enter the arrivals hall, there are signs all the way to the Airtrain.

The Airtrain from JFK Airport runs to 2 subway stations inside the city, Jamaica and Howard Beach.

Here you get off, and then switch to the subway train that stops closest to your hotel.

→ Check the nearest subway from your hotel on google.

Airtrain Tickets:
Adults: $ 5
Children up to 5 years: Free

Subway tickets from Jamaica and Howard Beach:
Metro ticket: $ 2.75 + $ 1 for the card fee itself.

If you buy a “Pay Per Ride” card, you get 5% every time you “fill” money on the card.

Metro pass: If you need to use the subway / bus more than once during your stay in New York, you may want to buy an unlimited card.

You pay a fixed price and can use the card as much as you want.
You can choose between 7-day, 30-day cards and 7-day cards for Express Bus Plus.

Metro cards can be purchased in subway machines or a small booth, as well as in shops with the “Metrocard” sign. The card cannot be purchased in the train or bus itself – or online.

Duration: Airtrain approx. 30 min. Subway approx. 30 min. A total of 1- 1.5 hours from JFK to your hotel.

2. Shuttle Bus to NYC – Second cheapest

Every half hour there is a bus to Manhattan. The buses stop at Grand Central Terminal, Times Square and outside the Port Authority at the corner of 8th Ave and 46th. street. From here you have to walk to your hotel yourself.


When you enter the Arrivals Hall, turn right and go to the “Ground Transportation Welcome Center” with your reservation. From here you will be followed to the bus.

Price: From €15
Duration: 1-1.5 hours

3. Shared Shuttle Bus to NYC – Third Cheapest

With a shared shuttle bus, you – along with 7-8 others – will be taken directly from the airport to your hotel.


As with the bus above, contact the “Ground Transportation Welcome Center” with your reservation. When the bus is full, you are followed to the bus and everyone will be delivered to their respective hotel.

Price: From €19
Duration: 1-2 hours depending on traffic

4. Yellow Cab 

Picking up a yellow taxi sounds great and so American, but be aware – it’s an expensive ride from the airport.


The taxis are parked in a row outside the arrivals hall. Jumping into the back seat is easy and quick, but the price is high and it takes a long time to get to NYC by taxi.

Price: Approx. $52 for taxi, $9.50 for the toll, $0.8 in tax, $2.50 in tax for driving through Manhattan and then you can add 10-15% in tips.
Duration: Everything from 1-3 hours depending on traffic

5. Limousine driving – the most expensive choice

It’s probably a bit blistering to be picked up and delivered by a limousine – and if you are 7 people traveling together, the price may be ok – otherwise it cannot.


The limousine bull is incl. beverages (no alcohol).
If you book a Limousine transfer, the driver will stand in the arrivals hall with a sign with your name on it.

Price: Approx. €151.74
Duration: From 40 minutes into town (depending on traffic)

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