Bangkok Inspiration

Find inspiration for what to experience, how to get around and where to stay in Bangkok

Bangkok Inspiration

It’s no wonder Bangkok is the world’s most visited city. The city lures with a beautiful mix of culture, history, religion, shopping and party & colors.


Sooner or later, most travelers come past Bangkok. Although many only for a quick stopover. But do yourself a favor, visit the city and some of its many gems.


Bangkok has a great deal to offer. Here exciting markets can be explored – both on land and in water. Temples of all sizes. Parks, major shopping malls and food and restaurants of all levels.

In addition, Bangkok is only a few hours drive from both exotic islands and beautiful beaches.

Read our popular Guide to the city’s many sights and find great hotel recommendations.

All blog posts are written solely on the basis of personal experience.

Once you get to know Bangkok, it’s one of the big cities you never get tired of visiting.

No matter how many times you have been to the city, you will always find something new and exciting to see, experience – and not least eat.

Guide to Bangkok

Guide til Bangkok

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