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At we love to hear about personal travel experiences – so if you would like to share your travel experiences, then become Guest Blogs at

Who can become a guest blogger

There are 3 ways to become a guest blogger:

  1. You are a private person
  2. You have a Travel Blog
  3. You represent a business

No matter who you are, it doesn’t matter if your travel experience are based on a weekend getaway, an earth tour or a hiking trip – YOUR travel experiences can be a great source of inspiration for others who want to travel in your footsteps.

You can blog about (almost) everything within travel, but common to all blog posts is that they must be personal, 100% relevant and supported by many nice photos.

Pictures are very important – we all know that it is often the pictures that catch our attention and thus make us dream, read and explore.


Become a guest blogger as a private person

Becoming a guest blogger as a private person only requires that you want to share and inspire others with your experiences. In addition, your “story” should be:

  • 100% travel relevant
  • Your blog post may only be based on the fact that you have personally visited and experienced the things you write about
  • There must be no hidden advertising in the content
  • Only your own photos are allowed

You can write about …

The possibilities are endless! Everything that you have experienced and would like to write about has interest. Some examples could be:

  • Travel description of a destination / area
  • A travel guide to a city
  • Review of a hotel or restaurant
  • Travel tips for a backpacker trip
  • Travel tips for traveling with children
  • Travel tips on getting from A to B
  • etc.

Keep in mind that everything you write about can be of great help and inspiration to others.

Here’s how you do it

All you have to do is send us an email at and tell us what you would like to write about. If we agree on you writing a blog post, please send an email with the following:

The text document (word doc.):

  • The text must be clearly marked where your photos are to be placed
  • Where possible, links to places you describe (not to travel sites or blogs)
  • Marking Headings for Section (H2)


  • All photos MUST be your own – photos taken from the internet violate copyright law and may be penalized.
  • All photos must be received in size 1920px
  • Photo are received through WeTransfer
  • All photos must be named a relevant text (to be used in the text doc.)

There are no requirements on how many words you write – rather a short article with quality content than a long and boring article.

Tips for your article:

  • Check the text for misspellings
  • Write short sentences
  • Use many paragraphs
  • Use spoken language
  • Important: be personal rather than formal

NOTE: We ALWAYS review an article for spelling mistakes and correct it if needed – so don’t refrain from writing and sharing your travel experiences because spelling is not your strongest side.

(We reserve the right not to publish a travel article if we find the article irrelevant or written solely for the purpose of sale or otherwise violates our guidelines)

Become a guest blogger and get a link to your blog

Maybe you already have your own Travel Blog. In that case, you are also very welcome as a guest blogger at

The requirements for guest blogs with their own blog are quite like the above (private person) with a few additions.

  • Your blog post should be for inspiration and not for business purposes
  • Only landingpage link to your blog in the signature
  • A smaller presentation of you and your blog in the signature
  • No hidden advertising or affiliate links in the text
  • It’s expected that you share the blog post on your social media
  • You are expected to link back to with a do-follow link.

Send us an email at with your ideas for posts, and a presentation of you and your blog.

All posts are reviewed by before being posted online and if we find that a blog post is based solely on the redirection of our readers, is only written for sale, has no relevance, is offensive or otherwise in conflict with our guidelines, we reserve the right not to publish the blog post.

Become Guest Blogs on behalf of a company

If you represent a company that would like an inspirational article published on then contact us at – only companies with 100% relevance are interested.

NOTE: We don’t cooperate with companies within, any kind of gamling and/or loan sharks.

If you want to know more about please click HERE


På skriver vi alt fra guides og rejsebeskrivelser, til anmeldelser og gode tips, alene baseret på at inspirere og hjælpe andre med planlægningen af drømmerejsen.

Personlige anbefalinger er nemlig dem, som giver de mest troværdige og de bedste oplevelser.