Founder and travel blogger

My name is Charlotte B. Gade and I’m travel editor, blogger, reviewer, ad manager, frontend technician, designer and not least, the happy founder of this amazing travel portal.

At I – along with several niche guest bloggers – write travel articles about everything from destinations, city guides and travel tips, to reviews on hotels, attractions, restaurants, activities and more.

Over the last 30 years, my great passion has been traveling and over the years I have happily shared my many experiences.

The best experience

My experience is that personal recommendations are the ones that give the best experiences and with that in mind, I founded in 2014.

The vision for is to gather as many personal experiences, experiences and recommendations as possible in one place, for easy use in travel planning

All articles are based solely on the personal experiences from ordinary travelers and niche bloggers who want to share their experiences to inspire others who are planning their next dream trip.

A social media is a “community” where all travelers can contribute – and find – lots of help and inspiration based on travel descriptions, reviews, tips, recommendations, various country facts and in forums, both onsite and for some destinations (Bali and Thailand ) also on Facebook.

At age 20, I backpacked around the world for the first time alone and for a year. Since then it has become a lot of travelling and several times a year.

Countries I’ve traveled to cover Asia, North America, the Caribbean, the Ocean and the Pacific – and then of course Europe.

Before founding in 2014, I ended a 20-year career in the advertising industry and went on another trip around the world, but this time as a family.

Immediately after returning home, there was no doubt – I had to develop an independent travel portal – a social media.

A travel portal that I wish I could have enjoyed myself when planning all my travels.


Every year during winter season, I travel for 4-6 weeks with my 2 youngest children.

During that time, I take my children out of school, as I (and fortunately the school, too) believe that “worldschool” is at least as important as the traditional school.

The characteristics of these trips are that it must be far away, it must be warm, there must be sea and we must experience a lot that all 3 can write articles about – the children write for the school and I write for

The destinations are chosen based on what we find interesting as well as the inquiries we receive from our readers about destinations.

The rest of the year we travel as a family another 2-4 times, but only for 1-2 weeks.

I often go on weekend getaways and press trips of 2-4 days duration.

Do you have any questions – you can get in touch with me on

When you book flights, hotels, sights etc. with our partners through we earn a bit in commission – thanks for the support.


På skriver vi alt fra guides og rejsebeskrivelser, til anmeldelser og gode tips, alene baseret på at inspirere og hjælpe andre med planlægningen af drømmerejsen.

Personlige anbefalinger er nemlig dem, som giver de mest troværdige og de bedste oplevelser.