Boat trip around Manhattan

See Manhattan from the Hudson River. Sailing around Manhattan and getting a close look at the Statue of Liberty and experiencing NYC from the waterfront is a must.

On the tour you will see both the Statue of Liberty, the city’s several bridges including the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as buildings you probably know from various films.

The guide on the boat tells and explains about the different neighborhoods, the history of the many buildings you pass and in which films they have been used.

It’s definitely a good nice boattrip – and nice to get away from the busy streets.

Boat Tour Tickets: There are a number of different boat tour tickets – the difference between them is primarily the price and duration of the trip.

1. You can buy a single ticket for a 2.5 hour boat trip HERE (affiliate link)
2. If you purchased a hop on / hop off bus ticket (affiliate link), a free boat trip from the same company is included.
3. You can use sightseeing pass (affiliate link) as both single ticket or with the Hop on / off bus

4. If you are only interested in the Statue of Liberty, then you can go on a free boat trip with the ferry “Staten Island Ferry“.

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