Cooperation with us in English means “Travel Thoughts” and is a personal Danish travel portal, with all content based on personal travel experiences.

With our many articles written from all over the world and often written directly from the seashore, a jungle hut or a sidewalk cafe, we inspire our many readers with everything from planning, travel tips and area descriptions, to detailed city guides and reviews of attractions, hotels and restaurants etc.

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Cooperation with offers several options concerning cooperation as:

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing creates authentic and credible publicity and is therefore tailored to the travel industry.

When we, as influencers, on behalf of a travel agency, a tour agent, a Brand or other, go on press trips or other kind of cooperation, and subsequently share our personal experiences in articles on and on all our social media it creates a greater credibility, stronger relationship and confidence for the reader than through traditional marketing methods.

The benefit of influencer marketing is that articles are spread widely and quickly to the target groups, who also share among there friends and readers (like mouth to mouth effect) Influencer marketing therefore have a long and lasting effect compared to any other kind of marketing. make agreements on influencer marketing in following ways:

  • On our scheduled trips – full or partial cooperation
  • Press & blogger trips
  • Tests and advertorials of travel-related travel products
  • Promotion of destinations, hotels, travel goods etc.
  • Brand Ambassador

We welcome any other suggestions for Influencing marketing and cooperation on

Advertising & Linkbuilding

All advertising are based on 6 and 12 month agreements – the ads will be permanently placed during the agreed period (no rotation). offers following options for advertising:

  • Articles & Guest Blogging
  • Recommendations of Travel Sites
  • Module ads & banner ads on relevant pages
  • Deep Links

Travel Blog

Inspirational article on a specific destination page and the Travel Blog

The article must be written as inspiration and based on personal experiences.

Once we have agreed on publish an article, we would like to receive the content in a word document – please read “Become Guest Blogger” about content, photos, and links requirements.

At the end of the article there will be a signature in which it will appear who wrote the article including a landingpage link.

All articles will be shared on our social media and networks.

Recommendations of Travel Sites

Travel site recommendations is a page for presentation and inspiration of relevant and interesting travel sites.

A presentation of a Travel Site consists of the following:

  • An informal (personal) description of who you are, your expertise, what you offer etc.
  • A logo
  • A Image
  • 1-2 links – frontpage and deeplink (if relevant)

Banner / module advertising

The following places are possible for placement of ads:

  • Specific countries and areas
  • Some general pages
  • Banner advertises in and below articles
  • Right sidebar (limited)

We welcome other suggestions for advertising and cooperation on

The ad / banner material we receive is:

Image ads in .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .GIF – max. 100 KB

Flash, HTML5 and Still JPG or animated gif – max. 150 KB

In addition, it is possible to get text links (deeplinks) on relevant destinations and articles.

For further information or a non-binding offer please sen us an email on – and we will find a advertising solution that suits you and your company the best. also participate in several digital networks with professional and influential journalists and travel writers from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland, who creates innovative marketing.

Common to all our articles is that regardless of whether it’s in cooperation with tour operators or sponsored trips, all articles are written based on our own personal considerations and will not be affected by our collaborators.

All articles will be published on and will subsequently be tagged and hashtagged on our social media and travel network.

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Would you like all our readers to get to know you too, then send us an email on and tell us what kind of cooperation with that would suit you…

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