What is a Niche Travel Blogger

It’s time to recommend 10 of Denmark’s best niche travel bloggers. But what is a niche blogger?

A niche blogger is a passionate blogger with special and in-depth knowledge of a country, area, city or with a special theme such as sailing, hiking etc. With this knowledge, the blogger has extraordinarily many good travel descriptions and recommendations as well as tips and tricks for their niche area.

Niche travel bloggers are trustworthy and write from their personal experiences. They write from the heart and they do it so that you can enjoy – and make use of – their experiences in planning your own journey.

Characteristic for most travel bloggers is that they are always ready to answer and advise you the best they can, when you ask them a question.

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The Best Danish Niche Travel Bloggers 2019

Spanienbloggen is run by freelance travel journalist (specializing in Spain) Hanne Olsen.


On the Spain blog, Hanne writes about everything from regions & cities to culture & exciting food recipes from Spain.

Each year, Hanne stays in Spain for several months at a time. Here she lives with great curiosity among the local Spaniards. She visits their well known and lesser known places, which she writes about and supports with beautiful pictures.

In particular, you will find a large number of articles from Madrid and Barcelona.

Hanne and Spanienbloggen are active and helpful on following media:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest


The travel blog TeaTougaard.dk is (surprisingly) run by travel blogger Tea Tougaard.

Tea-alanya.dk-profil-niche-bloggereSince 2014, Tea has lived permanently in Alanya, Turkey. Tea is Travel blogger, foreign Dane and the creator of Alanya.dk – a travel site that informs about everything that’s going on in Alanya. In addition, she also writes blog articles on Momondo.dk.

After 5 years in Turkey with a lot of travel around, including being a Danish speaking freelance guide, Tea has written a lot of inspirational articles, with everything from taking the step and moving abroad, to Jeepsafari & Festival in Turkey.

Tea Tougaard is active and helpful on following media:  Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest


Behind the Travel Crisis you will find the busy travel guide and travel blogger Kristoffer Føns. Kristoffer has not only a great knowledge of big city holidays in general, but with a particularly in-depth knowledge of England.


In fact, Kristoffer has so much to say about Britain, and especially London (in English only), that it has resulted in 2 independent blog pages.

Kristoffer writes about everything from experiences in the cities, how to get around to recommendations for where to stay.

On the London blog, you can even download a free ebook with 7 of London’s best experiences.

Kristoffer, Great Britain and London travel hacks (as the London blog page is called) are active and helpful on following media:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube


Since 2014, Ulrik Kristiansen has run the travel blog Berlinblog.dk.


Ulrik has visit Berlin since the mid 80’s and today the city is his second home.

At Berlinblog.dk Ulrik writes about everything from planning and Berlin walks, to shopping and events, but also about the slightly different sides of Berlin that you won’t find in the most common travel guides.

Ulrik loves to hop on a bike, get on the train, go by car, or just wander around Berlin – to find exciting experiences in a city that is constantly evolving and changing..

Fortunately, Ulrik shares and inspires us with his many years and experiences from the city on Berlinblog.dk

Ulrik and Berlinblog.dk are active and helpful on following media:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest


Behind “The trip goes to Sri Lanka” – which today is called “The Great Sri Lanka Guide” you’ll find travel blogger Trine Handskemager.


Due to a lack of Danish guidebooks about Sri Lanka, Trine first started the blog “The trip goes to Sri Lanka“. Then renamed it “The Great Sri Lanka guide” and moved it to Trine’s general travel blog “Miss World“.

The Great Sri Lanka guide” has thus become a niche blog on the blog and is a guide packed with inspiration and information for Danes who dream of traveling around Sri Lanka.


Besides the blog, Trine also set up a Sri Lanka travel community on Facebook where not only Trine, but everyone can contribute with questions and answers to Sri Lanka.

Trine Handskemager and The Great Sri Lanka guide are active and helpful on following media:  Facebook, InstagramPinterest


VisitFootball.dk was launched in 2014 by Claus Bergmann who lives in Rome.


VisitFootball.dk is Denmark’s leading blog about football and the site that every football enthusiast should know. VisitFootball.dk is packed with guides, inspiration and information about football countries, football cities and football clubs.

Claus has traveled all over Europe and watched football. With his huge football experiences, he inspires us to go on football trips to some completely new countries, cities and clubs – besides the most famous places such as Camp Nou and Anfield Road.

Claus Bergmann and VisitFootball.dk are active and helpful on Facebook

New York RejseTips

Behind New York Travel Tips you’ll find Tanya, who since her first visit in 2010 has visited “The Big Apple” at least once a year – sometimes 2 and 3 times.


Tanya loves the city and has visited it at all seasons – with and without children.

At New York Travel Tips Tanya is happy to share her many experiences of what not to miss, where to eat & stay, free experiences, practical information. And when traveling with children, she also has good advice on what the kids will appreciate experiencing..

Tanya and New York Travel Tips are active and helpful on the following media: Facebook and Instagram


Thomas Veber

Thomas Veber is a circumnavigator and author – and a whole bunch of other stuff.


Thomas has lived in Spain, Denmark and now in Sweden. On his blog he writes about his many experiences as a circumnavigator, as well as good inspiring articles with tips on how to travel the world.

Thomas and his family have just returned after a 15-month cruise in the Caribbean on their 30-foot sailboat. The tour was filmed and shown on Swedish TV in a 6 episode television program.

Thomas doesn’t only blog about his many experiences at sea, he has also published several books. Among others, about how to change the boring everyday life with an adventure life. With his latest book “Shut up and travel” Thomas has written a handbook for all of us who want to make our travel dreams come true.

Thomas Veber is active and helpful on following media:  Facebook og Instagram

Steen Pippers Japan (and Hong Kong)

Last but not least is one of our own travel bloggers – Japan expert, Steen Pipper, who also deserves to be on the list.


For a number of years, Steen has lived and worked in Hong Kong, and has traveled extensively in Japan, too.

Steen’s first visit to Japan was a 2-week trip in 2014. A visit he knew immediately was far too little. Since then he has subsequently visited the country 2-3 weeks each year.

Steen is deeply fascinated by the beautiful country. He writes captivating and detailed articles about everything from culture & religion to ancient temples, traditions & etiquette.

Steen share and corresponds actively and promptly to questions asked in the comment below articles on Japan and Hong Kong.

The selected niche Travel Blogs are written in random order and evaluated according on the following;

√ The blog has personality and is written in Danish
√ The blog is well written with good and easy to read language
√ The content of the blog is detailed and broad
√ The blog is supported by nice images
√ Nice focus on usability and navigation

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