From Bangkok to Koh Chang

– How to get to Koh Chang

From Bangkok to Koh Chang there are approx. 349 km. That is, to the Trat region, from where you go by boat to Koh Chang.

This trip can be done in several different ways – flying (affiliate link), local bus, minivan, taxi or you can rent a car or a motorbike.

Most people choose to drive with the minivan as it is comfortable and stops along the way for toilet visits and supplies.

The minivan from Bangkok to Koh Chang is the cheapest.

Flights to Koh Chang (Trat)

Bangkok Airways flies 3 times daily (morning, noon and evening) from Bangkok airport. You can also fly from Phuket, Koh Samui and Chiang Mai to Trat Airport. The flight takes approx. 45 min.

→ Here you can find dates, departures and prices for flights to Trat

Alternatively, you can buy your flights to Trat while buying tickets for Bangkok. Search “round trip” on Momondo (affiliate link) and insert Trat into your search.

From Trat Airport, take a taxi (about 200 Bath) to the ferry dock, Laem Ngop.

Taxi to Koh Chang

Arriving in Bangkok can be chaotic.

There are many people and several drivers will surely ask where you are going and if you need a taxi.

If you can keep your head cold and you know the price level, hiring a taxi and getting out of the airport is an easy and quick solution.

A taxi to Trat or Laem Ngop pier takes approx. 6 hours to drive. The taxi is air conditioned and with stops along the way. The price should be negotiable for approx. 4-5000 Baht.

Alternatively (and cheaper) you can take a taxi to Bangkok’s bus terminal, Ekkamai. From here, buy a ticket for either a bus or minivan (which costs under 400 Baht per person).

From the airport to Koh Chang

From Bangkok Airport, the “Lonely Beach Express” (No. 392) bus goes “directly” to your hotel på Koh Chang (affiliate link).

The price of bus trip is approx. 600 Baht and includes the trip to Trat, the ferry ride and the trip from the port of Koh Chang to your hotel.

The buses leave from gate 1, 1st floor at. 7.50, 9.30, 11.00 and 14.00 (however check the updated times and prices).

By bus to Koh Chang

If the departure times with Lonely Beach do not match your arrival, take an overnight stay near the airport, or choose one of the many other options available by bus or minivan from Bangkok city center.

Whether you are going by bus or minivan from Bangkok to Koh Chang, you will need to go to Ekkamai Eastern Bus Terminal on Sukhumvit Road.

The buses also depart from the northern bus terminal, Morchit. However, it’s far easier to get to Ekkamai, as the bus terminal is next door to the BTS train station (Bangkok subway).


If you arrive by train from the airport, get off at Ekkamai and go to Exit 2. From here you go directly to the bus terminal.

The bus terminal is well organized and easy to navigate around.

VIP busses

Go to the ticket booth with either VIP bus or first class buses.

Avoid the second class buses, which stop all the way to Trat every time someone raises their hand, whether on the bus or at the roadside. 2nd class buses can extend the trip by several hours.

Note that the second class buses are the ones with orange stripes (the ride is cheaper but certainly also much longer).

There will be ticket sellers who will try to sell you tickets for the various buses. Do yourself a favor, go to the ticket booth and buy your ticket for either the VIP bus or 1st class instead.

On several of the larger buses, an American movie will most likely be shown along the way. If you are “really lucky” it can be a romantic Thai series – in Thai.

The price of a bus ticket varies depending on classes, standard and what it includes. However, the price should be between 400 and 600 baht.

With Minivan to Koh Chang

Driving with a minivan from Bangkok to Koh Chang is a pleasant and inexpensive ride.

Spend some time at the station to get an overview of what options you have. Next to each ticket booth, you can see what they offer.

The trip takes approx. 5 hours and is incl. toilet visits and provisioning along the way.

The price of a bus or minivan ticket varies depending on the standard and what it includes. It should be anywhere from 300 to 1000 baht.

(A regular shared minivan costs 300-400 baht)

If you aren’t delivered directly to the ferry terminal (check it in the ticket booth) you will be dropped off at the bus terminal in Trat. From here you have to take a taxi to the ferry in Laem Ngop – this should be included in your minivan ticket.

The price of a shared minivan from Bangkok to Koh Chang is less than 400 baht.

Recommendation: Getting to Koh Chang (Trat Ferry) with minivan is highly recommended and is both cheap and a very pleasant trip – although it takes approx. 5 hours.

By ferry to Koh Chang

From Laem Ngop pier in Trat, ferries to Koh Chang depart every half hour from 7am to 7pm.

The entrance when you arrive by car ferry

They depart from 3 different piers, but the most popular pier is from Centrepoint Pier. The price for a ferry ticket starts at 80 Bath.

When you land on Koh Chang, the small pick-up taxi (songthaews) is ready to take you to your beach / hotel.

Prices are (almost) fixed and cost approx. 100-200 baht.

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This article was updated on 17 March 2020