Grand Central Terminal

Perhaps NYC's most beautiful building

With more than 750,000 visitors a day, the Grand Central Terminal is NYC’s most visited site, next after Times Square.

Grand Central is a must visit!

The terminal, which has a fascinating history and incredibly beautiful architecture, is a world-famous landmark in midtown Manhattan.

The terminal is not only a transport center, but also houses 60 shops, 35 restaurants and from time to time, various events.


In the middle of the station you will find the terminal’s – and one of New York’s best known “meeting points”, the Information with the 4 clocks. The clocks face north, south, east and west and are widely used as the local meeting place.

Also note the beautiful ceiling of the hall where you can see all the zodiac signs on a beautiful and shiny blue background.


Walk around the terminal and see the many beautiful details – it’s completely free and the atmosphere is nice.

There are various guided tours available:
1. With a headset, you can walk around and listen to the history of the terminal, its architectural features and about the role of the terminal in popular movies and TV series.

→ Buy ticket for headset tour here (affiliate link)

Book a guided 90 minute tour around the terminal and in galleries. This tour goes into detail of the terminal’s exciting history, its construction and, not least, the story of the amazing “Zodiac” ceiling are being told.

→ Buy ticket for the guided tour here (affiliate link)

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