Mini guide to Koh Mak

One of Thailand’s best kept secrets

Mini guide to Koh Mak – an unspoilt island with beautiful driving …

Koh Mak is a small beautiful secluded green island, located approx. 2 hours by wooden boat from Koh Chang. Or 1.5 hour speed boat from Trat.

With only 16 km2, most of which is covered by rainforest, Koh Mak is one of Thailand‘s best kept secrets.

If you want to experience what Thailand was like 30 years ago, then go to Koh Mak.


Due to its beautiful and unspoilt nature, Koh Mak has been used several times as a location for movies.

A few years ago, Koh Mak also came on the list of “the 10 best beaches in the world” by the British newspaper “The Sunday Times”.


In addition to stunning beaches, Koh Mak offers a temple, small fishing villages, rubber plantations, a single school and a market.

Some dive shops and a handful of resorts, restaurants & bars and no less than approx. 10,000 palm trees can also be enjoyed by guests on the island.

The tropical little paradise is primarily for those who dream of peace, tranquility and as few tourists as possible.

Activities on Koh Mak

Koh Mak isn’t an island with a multitude of activities, the greatest experiences are in nature.

If you are a nature lover, Koh Mak is perfect for hiking or scooter tours.

There is no public transport on Koh Mak. If you want to go around the island, either rent a scooter or make travel arrangements with your resort.


Koh Mak has a diving school where you can book scuba diving or snorkeling to a nearby Marine Park. The park is known for some of the best marine life in Thailand.

Other “wild activities” you can do on Koh Mak include windsurfing or renting a bike.

It’s also possible to book trips to the surrounding islands.

Koh Mak is most of all an island where the days are spent in a hammock, getting a massage, playing some backgammon with, among others, the locals.


How to get to Koh Mak

From Bangbao Pier on Koh Chang, you can reach Koh Mak in approx. 1.45 hours by a wooden boat.


Or by speed boat from both Trat and Koh Chang. Speedboat is a little more expensive, but the trip also lasts only about. 45 min.


Where to stay on Koh Mak

If you have booked your accommodation (affiliate link) in advance, you will be picked up at the pier by your resort.

There are several resorts on Koh Mak, but if you want to experience something a little out of the ordinary, we can recommend Monkey Island Resort.

A lovely little resort with nice big bungalows right next to the beach or very close.

Their bungalows are available in several standards with everything from small traditional bungalows (backpack) to family bungalows with 2 bedrooms.


Reggae and Bob Marley rule the entire resort (and the rest of the island for that matter). The familiar dreadlocks and colors are seen, felt and heard everywhere.

Along the beach or via a small path from the street, you can walk to the Monkey Island Resort bar.

The Monkey Bar, as it’s called, plays live Bob Marley music every night – and it probably doesn’t come any closer to either Bob Marley’s own voice or style of clothing. The bar is a must visit – even if you don’t stay at the resort.

Attention in 2019, a hurricane destroyed the bar, I expect they must be done with the reconstruction by now.

On the main street, which is at the back of the Monkey Island Resort, there are several small good restaurants and several of them also with live music.

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This article was updated on March 23, 2020