Japan Inspiration

Japan is a treasure of cultural gems and a lovely country to travel in…

Japan Inspiration 

The trains run on time, the food is fantastic and people are helpful – despite the fact that few speak anything other than Japanese.

Japan offers both land and city, nature and concrete and with a total length from east to west of more than 3,000 km, it’s well worth planning your trip from home.

Culture and history

Japan has an amazingly exciting culture and history that in many places is fully accessible to us tourists.

The country has been isolated for thousands of years and therefore hasn’t yet become a “multi-ethnic” society like so many other places on the planet.


It’s therefore possible to walk around small towns or streets in big cities, which look like they did hundreds of years ago. Culture and old customs are maintained much more than you find it at home.

Everywhere you come across amazing temples and in a number of them, the monks still live as they did a hundred years ago. However, with a single upgrade – internet and iPhone…

Japan has no less than 22 places listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List


The food in Japan is good, healthy and fresh.

The Japanese prefer to use fresh ingredients and you eat a lot of fish and some vegetables.


In addition, large quantities of rice, soup and noodles.

Unless you are picky, Japanese cuisine is readily available as they don’t use many spices. You rarely find dishes that bring sweat to your forehead.

However, some often have to get used to the sour vegetables that are served with most dishes – including breakfast.


The Japanese are a “well-behaved” people.

They are brought up to be part of the community, organize and sacrifice if needed.

However, it’s slowly changing as the country is affected from the outside, but most Japanese will continue to be polite, correct and helpful.


There are countless unwritten norms that for outsiders can be almost impossible to get to know and understand.

But don’t worry – most Japanese people tolerate our bad manners and clumsy attempts to maintain good manners.

If you are polite and respectful you will in most cases be well received.

Many Blogs and Guides from Japan are on the way …. Stay tuned laughing

Japan Expert – Steen Pipper


Steen has lived and worked in Hong Kong for a number of years. From here the trips often went to Japan, a country that he today has a great fondness for and still often visits. In these pages he shares his in-depth knowledge of the local areas, the culture, the traditions & the people. If you have any questions, he will gladly answer them in the comments below the articles.

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