Koh Kood – totally unspoild and authentic

When I write “Koh Kood – totally unspoild and authentic” that’s exactly what Koh Kood is and I have completely fallen for the island!

As one of the few, the island has managed to preserve its beautiful and lush nature, its stunningly clean beaches with crystal clear water and an authenticity I had almost forgotten existed.

Koh Kood – totally unspoild 

Maybe I shouldn’t tell you about the island at all and keep it secret, but I can’t keep my mouth shut …. cause WHAT a paradise I’ve visited.


The trip to Koh Kood

At 9:00 in the morning we stood at Ekkamai bus terminal in Bangkok to get on a minivan and drive the approx. 5 hours to Trat Province, from where the boat to Koh Kood departs.

The minibus from Ekkamai bus terminal which runs to Trat

Despite having plenty of time to reach the boat in Trat, we drove with the most hopeless minivan driver, who with his miserable driving, became the reason we could not reach the boat to Koh Kood.

Knowing that the boat to Koh Kood was long gone and we were still far from the “end station”, we made a quick decision and hopped off the minivan.

Instead, we took a taxi to the port, Laem Sok in Trat, from where the boat to Koh Chang departs.

Koh Chang

We would rather have an extra night on Koh Chang than in Trat, and since we have been to Koh Chang before, we knew that from here you can go to Koh Kood by speed boat.

Arrival in Koh Chang (from Trat)

This gave us a “bonus” overnight stay at our favorite hotel “Nature Beach Resort(affiliate link) on Koh Chang.

Nature-Beach-ResortNature Beach Resort

At Nature Beach Resort (affiliate link) they informed us that the boat to Koh Kood would depart at Bang Bao Pier the next morning at 11:30am

An hour before departure we were at the pier, ready to go to Koh Kood.

NO … the hotel’s schedule for the boats was for high season and not low season, so at this time of year (May month) there was only one morning departure and it was at 9.30am

It’s not a secret – I was losing faith in whether we even came to Koh Kood.

While I was moaning, the boat people persuaded me to buy speedboat tickets incl. pick-up at the hotel for the next morning.

A few hours later we were back at the “Nature Beach Resort(affiliate link).

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Nature-Beach-solnedgangSunset at Nature Beach Resort

As agreed, the next morning we were picked up at the hotel and again driven to the port of Bang Bao.

Off to Koh Kood

Together with approx. 10 other passengers, we sailed at high speed, heading for Koh Kood, a trip of approx. 70-90 min.

A beautiful boat trip with sun in the face and wind in the hair – and surprisingly there were life jackets for everyone.

On the way we passed the islands of Koh Wai, Koh Kham and Koh Rayang – islands I never had neither seen nor heard of and which certainly must be investigated further.

Watch the video we filmed of the beautiful islands we came across

Around noon, we were dropped off at the Tree Bridge to Away Resort (affiliate link) – the resort we would stay at for the next 2 nights and where they were ready to receive us.

2 nights at Away Resort

It feels a little extra luxury-like when delivered directly to the door, rather than just on a dock.

But on Koh Kood there are no taxis or any other public transport, so guests (if they have a pre-booked hotel) are delivered directly to the wooden bridge at the resort.

Away Resort wooden bridge

If you arrive at Koh Kood without booking a hotel, you will be dropped off at the Koh Kood pier, from where you also depart Koh Kood.

After a quick and very accommodating check-in at the reception, we were followed along the water to our “Oceanview Bungalow”.

A bungalow which was wonderfully overlooking the garden, the water and a beach on the other side. A beach that we of course swam out to visit later in the day.

Away Resorts bungalow

The day was spent exploring and enjoying the surroundings of this almost recreational area. Activities included (a small) swimming pool, kayaks and paddle boards for free use, massage house, a small bar with pool tables and a restaurant with really nice food.

All around the area there were small chill-out huts where we could spend hours with fresh “fruit smoothies” or a glass of ice-cold white wine and just enjoy the beautiful view.

Watch our video from the beautiful area at Away Resort

With a little swim we visited the small plane that was parked on the beach opposite. The plane had been used in a movie shoot, where it had been forgotten to remove it again. It has apparently been removed now.

The plane on the beach opposite

I wasn’t brave enough to ride a scooter alone with my 2 kids, so I made an appointment with the front desk that they the next morning and for at couple of hours would drive us around to some of the island’s highlights.

I got a map of the island where some of the places that they at the front desk recommended we visit were marked.

The next morning we hopped on a pick-up truck – now the island had to be explored.

Koh Kood sightseeing

1st stop – a small fishing village

After a nice drive up and down the mountains with the tropical rainforest on both sides, we first visited the island’s small fishing village.

The fishing village on Koh Kood

The fishing village consisted solely of wooden bridges where houses, restaurants, boats etc. were moored to the bridges. Between the bridges there were large nets for what I believe was fish farming – among other things, we spotted some mini sharks.

The area was 100% local and we were definitely the only Farangs (white foreigners).

Children in the small fishing village

The fishing boats side by side

2nd stop – one of the completely deserted beaches

Koh Kood is the second largest island after Koh Chang, but most of the island is covered by mountains and rainforest, and it’s mainly the western and southern areas that are visited by tourists.

For incomprehensible reasons, tourists have not yet discovered that there are still completely pristine beaches on Koh Kood. One of them we visited on our 2nd stop.

Deserted beaches on Koh Kood


3. Stop the Klong Chao waterfall

We were dropped off at the “entrance” to the forest with the waterfall and had to walk approx. 10 min. before we reached the waterfall.


To get all the way to the lake and the waterfall, you first have to climb some relatively smooth rocks on which the water quietly runs down.

Watch our video of the waterfall and area

In the baking heat it was a pleasure to be at this refreshing and actually slightly cool water.

A really nice nature area, which was also nicely visited by local Thai and a few tourists.

4th stop – Koh Kood’s most beautiful beach

At this stop, we visited the most beautiful beach I have ever experienced in Thailand. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Bang Bao Beach – the most beautiful beach


An absolutely wonderful beach, with lots of peace, small bungalows on the beach, the opportunity to relax in kayaks, massage etc.

Although the beach was completely quiet, there was still opportunity for activities.

I can’t say if there are many more people in another season, but it seemed like a place of peace and tranquility all year long.

There were slightly different resorts along the beach, but certainly in a limited number, compared to what is otherwise experienced in Thailand.

We have to stay 2 more days

The intention was to visit Koh Kood and Away Resort for 2 days and then travel on to Cambodia. But after our trip around the island we couldn’t get enough.

We decided to stay another 2 days, but now at another resort.

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2 nights at The Beach Natural Resort

2 nights were booked at the “Beach Natural Resort(affiliate link), located on the southwest side of the island. A resort I’d several was stumbled upon on the internet – it looked amazing.

Beach Natural Resort wooden bridge

To our delighted surprise, the Beach Natural Resort (affiliate link) was located on the pretty Bang Bang beach, which we had visited on our trip around the island.

When I booked our bungalow at Beach Natural Resort (affiliate link), I wrote directly to the hotel that we would like to be picked up at 11am at Away Resort (affiliate link). It worked impeccably.

Another 2 days in paradise, which was spent exploring the beach in detail.

There were dive shops, massage places, restaurants and a few bars along the beach.

Watch our video of the beautiful beach

Besides our “above average” resort, there were several small cozy – and certainly far cheaper – backpacker bungalows on the beach.

Small backpacker bungalows along the beach

Beach-Natural-Resort-bridgeAt the end of the Beach Natural Resort wooden bridge you can sit and enjoy the view

One of the most beautiful and tranquil beaches I have experienced in Thailand

Beach Natural Resort (affiliate link) was wonderful and was a really nice resort. However, it must be said that for the fairly high price and the 5 stars, I think there should be at least one among the staff who can speak English.

I don’t think we made a single order for food and drinks that was understood – pretty much every time we got something completely different or they had missed half the order. It’s not okay for a hotel in that category.

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Back to Trat on the mainland

After 2 days we were off to Cambodia and at the reception they arranged transport to the island’s small port, from where you sail to either other islands or Trat on the mainland.

The local boat from Koh Kood to Trat

We arrived at Koh Kood by speed boat and left the island with the local passenger boat.

The trip to Trat took approx. 70 min. and cost approx. 300 bath pr. pers. incl. pick-up at the port of Trat and driving approx. 20 min. in to Trat bus station.

From Trat bus station, our journey continued by bus to Cambodia.

Koh Kood was a wonderful surprise – and it’s with 100% guarantee that we will be back soon, but next time we will stay for at least a week and not just 4 days.

Imagine it’s still possible to finde an island like Koh Kood in Thailand– totally unspoild and authentic – it’s fantastic.

Useful Tips and Recommendations for Koh Kood

  • There is no public transport on Koh Kood
  • If you are arriving by speedboat, you will be dropped off at the wooden bridge at the resort you will be staying at.
  • If you arrive at the small pier, there will be cars to take you to a resort – it’s ONLY when the boat arrives that there are cars.
  • If you haven’t pre-booked, I recommend that you keep a close eye on the beaches / places where others are dropped off by the speedboat and choose a place that you think looks good and jump off as well.
  • Most resorts take credit cards – but make sure you also have cash – I didn’t see one ATM on the island.
  • In most places you can rent scooters – an absolutely great way to get around the island. Alternatively, arrange a tour around the island with your resort.
  • In the rainy season there are many mosquitoes – buy tiger balm in a supermarket – it is good for itching, but also chases away the mosquitoes …. it must be the white and not the red tiger balm.

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