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On Destinations we have gathered everything related to the specific country and area. Here you will find local Facts, Blogs, reviews etc.

Travel Forum

In Travel Forum you can participate in good debates, ask questions and help others with tips, tricks and inspiration on everything from specific countries / areas to various travel chats in the Travel Cafe.

Travel Blog

On the Travel Blog you can read personal travel articles about everything from inspirational travel experiences and guides to detailed budgets and attractions.

All articles are written by either our own travel bloggers, by guest bloggers, niche bloggers and specialized travel experts – common to all bloggers is that they are passionate travellers and have visited countless countries and territories.

Each travel blog post has a signature in which it is written who wrote the article.

Travel Tips

Travel Tips works almost like Travel Blogs, but are articles that dont relate to a specific country. Here as well, you can read about personal experiences and get recommendations, but most of all, find plenty of tips and tricks.

At Travel Tips, like Travel Blogs, the articles are written by our own bloggers, Guest bloggers, niche bloggers and specialized travel experts.


At each destination you will find reviews.

Reviews can be anything from hotels and restaurants, to sights and activities. Reviews are written by our own bloggers, Guest bloggers, niche bloggers and specialized travel experts.

All reviews are written based on actual visits and will never be based on provided information.

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På skriver vi alt fra guides og rejsebeskrivelser, til anmeldelser og gode tips, alene baseret på at inspirere og hjælpe andre med planlægningen af drømmerejsen.

Personlige anbefalinger er nemlig dem, som giver de mest troværdige og de bedste oplevelser.