Are you among those who, at the last minute, are sitting in a packing chaos of clothes, books, toilet stuff etc. and can’t get an overview of what you need to bring on your trip?

If so, then it’s now you have to listen – because here, i’ll give you 10 real good and useful package tips and a checklist that just needs to be printed.

Checklist – include this on your package list


Write a checklist and preferably for a few days in advance. Then you have the opportunity to change the list and buy the things you may have forgotten.

It may seem a little silly to write down the most obvious things – but believe me when you are in chaos, it’s often the “obvious” things you forget.

Write the checklist in the same way as you write a shopping list – or print our suggestion to a package list.

Check-in luggage or hand luggage

If you are only going away for a weekend, consider whether you only need carry-on luggage. It’s great to travel with hand luggage only, and you don’t have to pick up your checked baggage.

Traveling only with hand luggage, however, places some demands on what must be brought – eg. you can’t bring lotions and other liquids that exceed 100 ml through Security.

In addition, the different airlines have different requirements for weight and shape of the hand luggage. You need to check with your specific airline what their rules for cabin luggage are.

Get a toilet bag with hook


A smart thing is a toilet bag with a strap that you can hang on a hook.

If you’re staying in a bit primitive place – such as at a campsite or hostel, or you just need to freshen up a little on the plane, then it’s nice to avoid that the toilet bag get wet when standing on the floor if there is no table or shelf to put it on.

Toilet bags in several variants can be purchased from

Cut heavily on the amount of clothing

Most tend to fill the suitcase with much more clothes than they need. It is a waste of space and very annoying to carry around.

Believe it or not, but clothes are also washed abroad, so if you need clean clothes, then it’s for sure that you can have it washed either in the hotel, in a laundry – or you can bring some washing powder yourself and wash it in the sink .

If you travel to Asia or other hot spots, you can buy clothes at spot prices, so here you can bring even less.

Pack your stuff down in the right order

Make sure the things you need first are put on top of your suitcase.

Such as toilet bag if you are going directly to bed, or swimwear and towel if it’s the pool you are heading directly to.

Match the clothes

When you choose T-shirt, pants etc. then match the clothes immediately. Hereby you avoid getting a lot of T-shirts and pants that you would not normally wear together

Check the weather forecast and think about what clothes you will need – in terms of temperatures and activities.

Roll the clothes

By rolling the clothes, you save a lot of space and at the same time you avoid the clothes getting too curly.

Also by filling eg. shoes with socks and underwear, you get even more space in your suitcase.

Pack your stuff in bags

Pack all your stuff in small bags, this way you can organize and keep track of what you have – even after you have messed around.

At the same time, you can also separate clean from dirty clothes – bring a small extra roll of bags.

Security – a money cat


A money cat is a kind of belly bag in which you can store your most important things such as passports, telephone and money, and stored on your stomach under your clothes – and if needed, you can get to quickly.

The money cat is one of the best solutions to avoid pickpockets.

Money cat can be purchased from

Throw out and buy new

Consider to bring things that you leave behind for the benefit of new and indispensable things to bring home.

If you are going to shop a lot, you should consider bringing a small extra bag – if you are better off buying than to throw out.

Print your own package list


We have made a detailed package list that you can print and customize to suit your particular trip.

The packing list must be perceived as a source of inspiration, since all travel is different and it’s therefore impossible to make a universal package list.

Print the package list here

And, remember – only bring things on your trip that you’re not afraid to lose.