It doesn’t get more American … a fun and active evening on Frames Bowling Lounge

Review of Frames Bowling Lounge, NYC

Of course, on our 5 day trip to New York, we had to do something really American, bowling!

Monday night at 9pm we had booked lanes on Frames Bowling Lounge – a bowling center which in 2010 was opened by 2 Danish entrepreneurs.


Frames are not a typical bowling center, which most people may understand by bowling. Frames is an entertainment center, a lounge where emphasis is placed on getting a good atmosphere and to have a cozy evening with various activities.

Already on arrival, where we were nicely received at the reception and assigned shoes and lanes, we were amazed by the good atmosphere that seemed more like a club / bar lounge than a bowling center.


Much has been done about the details, so the place gets a more stylish feel, where also people who just want a good evening in the city want to come.

Frames are divided into several cozy lounges with bars, pool tables, a karaoke area and cozy niches where you can just sit and enjoy a cocktail.


Monday is apparently not the big “go out night” in NYC – lucky for us, who then got extra attention from our sweet waiter.

We ordered drinks and delicacies from the menu and chalked the shoes – we were ready and all three of us convinced that we would definitely get one strike after another.


Despite the fact that we far from getting the one strike after another, we had a really fun evening with good drinks and remarkably good food – which was really more delicious little snacks and which we had while we were playing.

We played 3 rounds (or whatever it’s called) and we won one round each so it couldn’t be better.

We had a really good evening and highly recommend that you visit the Frames.

Keep an eye out for the other guests – often you may be lucky to find famous people among them.

Adress: 550 9th Ave – on the corner of 40th st.

Check out Frames’ own website for opening hours, prices & events.

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