Adventurous safari in Africa

What the areas has to offer


Safari in Africa is one of the most adventurous you can experience.

A journey packed with beautiful, majestic lions and giraffes on the savannah. Pink flamingos on the lakes. Friendly gorillas in the rainforest. There is something for everyone.

There are several countries in Africa where you can go on safari. Each country offers something different.



The classic safari trip with herds of elephant, lions, giraffes, antelopes etc. All the typical savannah animals, you will find in Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana. Namibia offers varied nature with rugged desert landscapes and beautiful, crystal blue seas.

If you want a mix of safari and big city experiences, then South Africa will be just for you. Here you can experience the country’s largest safari park spiced with big cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg, which offer culture, history and great wine.


Safari & beach holidays

To combine safaris with a nice beach holiday at eg. Mauritius or Zanzibar is great and gives you beyond safari, also the opportunity to experience many of Africa’s other activities. Why not go on a glass bottom boat trip, try some world-class diving, cycling, golfing. Or just enjoy the warm Indian Ocean, sunbathing and maybe go on dolphin spotting.

Are you into wild nature experiences, you can also combine your safari trip with a visit to the popular island, Madagascar, which is actually the world’s oldest island.

In this way you will experience both the savannah’s beautiful animals on classic safari and the old island’s rare bird species, chameleons, jackals and not least the sweet lemurs.


Safari in Africa – The areas

Here you get a small guide telling what each country and area has to offer.

Safari in Kenya

In Kenya you can experience the classic game safari on the savannah, the elephant orphanage, the Karen Blixen Farm and the large grass plains in the Masai Mara.


Each year in late July / first August (and again in late November) you can experience “The Wildebeest Migration” at the Masai Mara.

Here, 1.5 million wildebeest and several hundred thousands of zebras and gazelles cross the Mara River, in search of fresh grass across the river.


On Kenya’s coast, located on the Indian Ocean, you will find a tropical coast paradise and coral reef.

Safari in Namibia

In Namibia you get a beautiful and varied landscape, with the opportunity to visit safari parks and reserves with the beautiful savannah animals as well as a cheetah rehabilitation center.

Namibia also offers the world’s oldest desert with sand dunes, cave paintings, the dried out lake “Deadvlei” and a very special wildlife in Sossusvlei.


From the Namibian coastline you also have the opportunity to go on a boat trip on the turquoise blue sea to look for dolphins, seals and sea turtles.

Safari in Tanzania

Another classic safari country where you can experience the country’s popular national park “Serengeti” with a variety of wonderful savannah animals.

Here, too (depending on the season) you can experience The Great Migration when the animals are moving around the ecosystem to find fresh grass.


The world’s tallest freestanding mountain “Kilimanjaro” and the world’s largest lake “Lake Victoria” can be found in Tanzania.

Besides a diverse wildlife, Tanzania also has a rich plant life. The “Kitulo National Park” is beautiful and a botanical marvel with more than 350 vascular plants, 45 different orchids and other beautiful plants.

From Tanzania, it’s obvious to combine the journey with a beach holiday in Zanzibar.


Safari in South Africa

South Africa is a great choice if you want a classic game drive in the country’s largest safari park “Krüger National Park“, and when you want to move on to the big city, you can visit the metropolis, Johannesburg.


South Africa’s largest city is bursting with history as the city in the 1950s was subdivided into suburbs due to the introduction of apartheid.

SoWeTo is one of these suburbs. The suburb where the country’s first black president, Nelson Mandela, lived before being imprisoned on Robben Island.


You can visit the prison when you finish your journey in Cape Town. It’s a must to experience Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope and the delicious restaurants and fine wines.

Safari in Botswana

On safari in Botswana you are also surrounded by the amazing savannah animals. The Okavango Delta is one of the most unique areas in the world.

An area that gives life to a unique wildlife that can be experienced on both walking safaris, canoe trips or classic game drives.


The national park “Chobe” and the Choobe river have huge amounts of animal and bird life. Particularly the elephant and buffalo amount is huge.

Safari in Uganda

On safari in Uganda you can go on game drive on the savannah, but also spend time on a trekking in the rain forest.

Here you can experience and get close to the friendly and endangered mountain gorillas, and enjoy them in the fantastic surroundings.


In addition, there are plenty of small and fast chimpanzees and 1,000 different bird species.

In Uganda you can also go on a cruise on the Nile in the “Murchison Falls National Park” which offers hippos and Nile crocodiles.


Do you have recommendations for other exciting places to go on Safari in Africa, then leave a comment below.

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This article was updated on June 10, 2020