Sharm el Sheikh Facts

Before traveling to Sharm el Sheikh, there are things to know – be prepared for the trip.

If you are considering traveling to Sharm el Sheikh, there are some things to know before traveling. Here you get some of the most important!

Sharm el Sheikh Facts

Passport & Visa

Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after return

Visum: If staying for a maximum of 15 days, it’s visa-free

  • It’s visa-free ONLY in Sharm el Sheikh, the rest of Egypt requires tourist visas.
  • When landing in Cairo – even if only in transit – tourist visas are required which are purchased and pasted in the passport for US $ 25 per person upon arrival at the airport.
    Be aware that the US $ 25 must be paid in cash.
  • If the borders of Sharm el Sheikh are exceeded in any way – regardless of the cause – tourist visas are required

It’s always a good idea to check the Foreign Ministry’s instructions for entry into Sharm el Sheikh.

Currency & Money

Currency: In Sharm el Sheikh, the currency is called the Egyptian Pound (EGP).

You can check exchange rates HERE

In most places, ATM allows you to withdraw money on Visa cards.

US $ can also be used in several places as payment or they can be exchanged at banks, exchange offices and most hotels.

Tip: Tip is a big part of the salary in Egypt. Approx 10% is reasonable for restaurants, bars, for hotel staff, local guides etc.

Advantageously, you can place gratuities in the hotel some of your first days at a resort, as this often requires a little extra service.

Price level

Everything in Sharm el Sheikh is cheap – cheaper than several places in Asia.

The price level is of course dependent on how good you are at bargaining prices – a starting price can usually be reduced to approx. 50% and EVERYTHING can be negotiated!

Power, wi-fi & mobiles

Power: 220V

Mobile: Roaming in Egypt can be a very expensive pleasure.

We recommend keeping your phone in flymode and connecting to wifi – which runs with flymode.

You can also buy a “holiday sim card” with eg. 4.5 GB for a week, which provides much better network stability.

Wi-fi: Wi-fi is available in most places, but with very fluctuating coverage. In some places you have to pay a small fee.


The weather in Sharm el Sheikh is sunny all year round.

During the summer season, May to October, the daytime temperatures are often above 40 degrees and in the winter period between 20-24 degrees.

The ideal time to go to Sharm El Sheikh is around Sept-Nov, where the climate is pleasantly warm during the day and evening and the water temperature is still relatively high.

Prevent bad stomach

Often you hear about a bad stomach with diarrhea when people have been to Egypt.

Here you will find good advice on how to improve your chances of not having to ruin your vacation with stomach problems.

  • A few days before departure, you may want to take some pills containing lactic acid bacteria that restore the natural balance of the stomach. A great way to prevent diarrhea.
  • Drink bottled water ONLY – there is agreement with the hotels that salads are rinsed and ice cubes made from mineral water. If in doubt, ask.
  • Always ask restaurants how the ice cubes are made and whether the salads are rinsed – under the tap or in mineral water.
  • Eat only fried, cooked and baked food.
  • Eat only fruit that you peel yourself
  • Wash hands more thoroughly and more often than usual
  • Avoid raw vegetables and marinades eg. for salads
  • Keep an eye on other guests by the buffet who is grabbing the food with their hands, and if so, you need to make the chef and the hotel aware of it.


We visited Sharm el Sheikh in April and had no problems with mosquitoes. But we we have heard that others have been severely attacked.

Mosquito prevention from DK does not work, so be sure to keep doors and patio doors closed. You may also visit one of the many pharmacies in Sharm El Sheikh to buy body and room sprays.

The safety in Sharm el Sheikh


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