The safety of Sharm el Sheikh

This is how the safety in Sharm el Sheikh is today.

The safety of Sharm el Sheikh

Since 2015, when a bomb was allegedly smuggled aboard a Russian aircraft and the plane crashed immediately after departing from Sharm el Sheikh airport, Sharm el Sheikh’s tourism industry has been close to paralytic.

Ever since, there has been an almost extreme focus on the safety of Sharm el Sheikh and overall stability, hoping to become a preferred holiday destination again.

From 2015 until February 2017, the Foreign Ministry was advised not to travel to Egypt in general, in fear of new terrorist attacks.

During that period, it was almost impossible to buy a trip to Sharm el sheikh, which resulted in many hotels and large Egyptian companies had to close down and the Egyptians’ existence disappearing.

Due to the major buildup of the security of Sharm el Sheikh airport, in hotels and generally throughout Sharm el Sheikh, green light was given in 2016 from most of Europe for tourists to return.

Denmark was a bit more cautious, but in February 2017, the Danish Foreign Ministry also reported green light.

sinai-oerkenen-SikkerhedstjekSafety check on the way into the Sinai desert – also checked for fishing equipment – which is prohibited

Despite all these safety measures and green light from the foreign ministries, tourists still fail to travel to this fantastic destination.

We checked the safety in Sharm el Sheikh

In 2018 we went 11 days to Sharm el Sheikh and our experiences with Sharm el Sheikh have been a surprisingly joyful experience.

The safety at the airport was so extensive that it almost seemed exaggerated. Several times we had to go through safety check in form of body scan, shoes and belts which were thoroughly examined, hand luggage was turned upside down and EVERYONE was BODY visited.

Despite the extensive security, you still get through fairly quickly.

When traveling around Sharm el Sheikh you always have to bring your passport with you – it happens that you are stopped and must be able to document your identity.

The hotels also have safety checks. All cars entering the hotel are checked with dogs. No one enters a hotel without hand luggage being searched and you go through a scanner yourself.

There is no doubt that safety is a high priority, but in a comfortable way – not with soldiers walking around with big guns etc.

The Egyptians are really making a big effort to make sure their guests are doing well. Everyone is incredibly nice and welcoming.

Even the former rather intrusive sellers have learned to hold back. Neither in the hotels nor in the various shopping areas do they behave angrily or aggressively in order to sell.

Of course, they would love to sell their “goods”, but if you refuse to buy, they will accept it with a smile.

We had a fantastic and in many ways a surprisingly good experience of Sharm el Sheikh.

We can only recommend traveling to Sharm el Sheikh – and especially while there are still few tourists and prices are down.

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The safety in Sharm el Sheikh


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