Top of the Rock – Rockefeller Center

Top of the Rock is located on the 67th floor of the 70-storey Rockefeller Center. If you want one of the most amazing views of New York City – this is where you need to go.

At Top of the Rock, you get a 360-degree panoramic view of the city from which most of the city’s largest iconic buildings can be seen.

On the ride with the elevator, you are told the story of Rockefeller and can see pictures from the time during the construction of the skyscraper.


When you arrive at the 67th floor and before heading out on the panoramic terraces, you can have your picture taken, sitting on an iron swell beyond New York.

Completely as you know it from the picture of the workers during the construction in 1933.

From the 67th-floor terraces you can access the 68th and 69th floors by additional outdoor stairs.


Tickets: You can buy an entrance ticket (affiliate link) and book time for the elevator ride, in the basement of the Rockerfeller Center.

You can ONLY get on the elevator if you have booked time in advance. There may be several hours or days of waiting if you do not book in advance.

Having a sightseeing pass (affiliate link) is the cheapest way to get there.

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