Who is RejseTanker.dk

RejseTanker.dk is a 100% economically independent Danish Travel Portal based on collecting and sharing travel inspiration from all over the world.

The purpose of RejseTanker.dk is that anyone who loves to travel can find inspiration, share and help each other with all kinds of travel planning.


All content on RejseTanker.dk is based ONLY on personal experience and without financial gain, which therefore gives credible first-hand knowledge of great value.

Our many travel articles – written from all over the world and often directly from the beach, a plane, a bungalow or from a cafe – inspire and help our many readers with inspiration and helpful knowledge to plan and make the best choices for their next trip.

Anyone who loves to travel can join RejseTanker.dk, whether you prefer package tours or individual trips.

The goal is to gather as much inspiration and information in one place and only be a few clicks from being able to plan and depart for your next trip.

RejseTanker.dk is NOT a travel agency and therefore we do not sell any kind of travel – all recommendations, advice and guides, are given solely on the basis of our users’ interest in sharing their experiences.

Travel questions can be asked in the forum or in the comments section below articles.

When we publish an article or something else from 3rd party (agency, airline etc.), it is a prerequisite that these posts are written for inspiration and not for sale in mind.

On RejseTanker.dk we make use of Guest bloggers who want to share their good stories, travel trends, visits to exciting, different and fun places, their tips & tricks and tips, all of which contribute with lots of inspiration.

Guest bloggers can be private individuals, travel bloggers with their own blog and relevant companies, which by writing an inspirational article gets links to their website.

RejseTanker.dk also includes cooperation agreements with agencies, airlines, tour agents, hotels etc. but only if we believe it has 100% relevance to our users and our concept.

Advertising on RejseTanker.dk will in no way affect our concept – everything we publish on Rejsetanker.dk must be of value to our users.

All advertising must be perceived by the users as a service with information on who specializes in the different areas and never as hidden and / or indifferent advertising.

In each article, the signature will indicate who it is written by.

Social Media


RejseTanker.dk is a social media – a community.

We participate actively in travel talk about everything from travel planning and travel tips, to suitcases, recommendations of hotels and restaurants etc. on social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and in several travel networks throughout Scandinavia.

At RejseTanker.dk we are in constant development with the desire to work towards becoming Denmark’s most active personal travel portal.

If you have good suggestions or ideas for improvements or initiatives, please do not hesitate to contact us info@RejseTanker.dk


Enjoy and safe travel!

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