Who is RejseTanker.dk

RejseTanker.dk is a 100% economically independent Danish Travel Portal based on sharing travel inspiration from all over the world.

The purpose of RejseTanker.dk is that anyone who loves to travel can be inspired, share and help each other with good recommendations for travel planning.


All content on RejseTanker.dk is based ONLY on personal experiences without financial gain, which therefore provides reliable first-hand knowledge of great value.

Our many travel articles cover everything from travel descriptions, guides, transport tips and not least reviews with recommendations for where to stay.

All for the sole purpose of inspiring and helping our many readers to plan and make some good choices for their next journey.

Anyone who loves to travel can join RejseTanker.dk – whether you are for package holidays or individual trips.

RejseTanker.dk is NOT a travel agency and therefore we don’t sell trips – all recommendations, advice and guides are based solely on ours and our users’ own experiences and interest in sharing their experiences.

When a third party (agency, airline, etc.) gets an article or other published, it’s a condition that these posts are also written for inspiration and not sales.

Guest Bloggers

At RejseTanker.dk we make use of Guest Bloggers, who with their good stories, travel trends, visits to exciting, different and fun places, their tips & tricks and good advice, also contribute a lot of inspiration.

Guest bloggers can be private individuals, travel bloggers with their own blog and relevant companies who, by writing an inspirational article, get links to their website.


RejseTanker.dk’s basis of existence is based on collaboration agreements and advertising.

RejseTanker.dk also collaborates with agencies, airlines, tour agents, hotels and more.

Regardless of who we partner with, we never compromise on the content being 100% relevant and having great value for our users.

Most ads are based on affiliate marketing – such as links to e.g. Hotels.com and Momondo. When a reader clicks on the link / ad and it leads to a booking, we earn a little bit in commission. A commission that allows RejseTanker.dk to operate (see, for example, affiliate ads under this content)

We will never advertise eg. for a specific hotel that hasen’t been personally visited.

Paid inspiration articles will ALWAYS be written as inspiration and not for sales purposes. Below a paid article, the name of the author will always be written.

All advertising must be seen by readers / users as a service and information about who specializes in the various fields and never as hidden and / or indifferent advertising.

We do not partner with gaming and cash loan companies.

Social Media


RejseTanker.dk is a social media – a community.

We actively participate in travel networks and forums with travel talk and recommendations on everything from travel planning and travel tips, to suitcases, hotel and restaurant recommendations and more.

Our own social media is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and in addition, we also participate in several Scandinavian travel networks.

As something brand new is our Thailand and Bali forums on Facebook.

At RejseTanker.dk, we are rapidly developing with increasing visitors every day. It is not a secret that we are working towards becoming Denmark’s most active personal Travel Portal.

If you have any suggestions and / or ideas for improvements or actions, please do not hesitate to write to us on info@RejseTanker.dk


Når du booker fly, hotel, seværdigheder mv hos vores samarbejdspartnere via RejseTanker.dk så tjener vi en lille smule i kommission – tak for støtten.


På RejseTanker.dk skriver vi alt fra guides og rejsebeskrivelser, til anmeldelser og gode tips, alene baseret på at inspirere og hjælpe andre med planlægningen af drømmerejsen.

Personlige anbefalinger er nemlig dem, som giver de mest troværdige og de bedste oplevelser.