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Who is is a 100% economically independent and Danish travel portal based on a travel forum, a travel blog, travel tips and travel reviews – a personal travel portal where anyone who loves to travel can share and help each other with inspiration and recommendations for all travel related.

At, users are in focus and those who share their experiences do it without economic gain.

We are a social media where we, not only on the portal, but also on media such as FacebookInstagramTwitterYoutube and several travel networks throughout Scandinavia, share and actively participate in all kinds of travel talk with everything from planning and travel tips to suitcase brands, recommendations, etc.

Our many travel articles – written from all over the world and often directly from the beach, a plane, a bungalow or at a sidewalk cafe – will inspire and help our many readers with planning and information to make the best choices about their next trip.

The intention is that readers get trustworthy first hand’s knowledge and recommendations that are based solely on other people’s own travel experiences.

Everyone who loves to travel can participate whether you wants to go on a package holiday or you want to organize your trip individually and the aim is to gather so much inspiration and information in one place that you only need to be few clicks from planning your entire next trip . is NOT a travel agent and we do not sell anything – all recommendations, advices and guides given in Travel Forum and Travel Reviews are due to personal experience only, and it is primarily and our users who deliver and assess content on

When a 3rd party (agency, airline, etc.) publishes an article or something else on, it is a prerequisite that the article is written only for inspiration and not for sale.

On we time to time have guest bloggers who, with their lovely stories, travel trends, visits to exciting, different and beautiful places, their tips and tricks, also contribute with lots of inspiration to enable our readers to plan and arrange their next unique journey.

As a social travel portal and with a quick response to posts, and especially in forums, the portal can be used wherever you are in the world. includes advertising and cooperation agreements with agencies, airlines, tour agents, hotels, etc. but only if we believe it has 100% relevance for our users and our concept.

Advertising is’s sole revenue source, but advertising must never affect our goal of still being for inspiration and we aim agains it should be perceived as a service and information to our users about who specializes in the different areas and never as hidden and indifferent advertising.

In every article there will be written who wrote it.

At we have lots of thoughts and ideas and as we work towards becoming Denmark’s most active personal travel portal, we will constantly be undergoing further development.

If you have good suggestions and ideas for improvements, we would love to hear from you at